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I am extremely pleased with the services provided by PHYLEO, LLC. The nature of my business often requires locating and serving individuals within critical time constraints and the investigators at PHYLEO always get the job done. The PHYLEO staff are professional, honest and thorough, qualities that are crucial to myself and my clients. I would recommend their services to anyone.
H.M. “Lynn” Primo, Esq. | Alexandria VA

Gammon & Grange, P.C. uses PHYLEO on a regular basis to investigate infringements of intellectual property, to investigate financial assets and to assist with electronic evidence/discovery. PHYLEO always acts in a very professional manner and provides clear and easy to understand reports. We highly recommend PHYLEO.
Timothy Obitts | McLean VA

I actually walked into Phyleo off the street simply because I saw their sign. I asked if I could talk to someone because I wanted someone to hear my story and tell me that I wasn’t crazy. After sitting down with the team for an hour we decided to meet again the following week. The next meeting was full of great advice and provided my family peace of mind that someone cared and someone wanted to help. The team at Phyleo take their job seriously, they will give you free advice, and they will care about you and your family. Thank you guys so very much I really can’t explain how much everything meant to my boyfriend’s family.
Lori Renner | Marietta GA

Our instructor from PHYLEO was an excellent trainer! My wife, daughter and I attended the NRA First Steps Pistol Orientation facilitated by an NRA Certified Instructor. This was the first time my daughter fired a pistol and my wife and I hadn’t fired a pistol in over 15 years. Our instructor provided safe handling, sight alignment, and firing instruction that put all of us at ease. We left the course feeling empowered to use and maintain our pistols with a high degree of confidence. I definitely recommend this course for individuals and families with firearms!
Carl | Woodbridge VA

Very professional, very efficient. Resolved a six-month problem in just one week after reviewing all the facts of the case! Will recommend this company to anyone who’s in need of a “special review.” Thanks for a job well done!
Larry H. on May 12, 2015

The Phyleo Team was very professional, will keep this company in mind if i need any services in the near future! Thanks you
Colton T. on April 12, 2015

This company is very professional, they continue to follow up and easy to talk too. It is very heard sometimes to do new business with people so when they are flexible, available and willing to go that extra mile, it helps allot. If you are in need of some investigative work done, look no further, Phyleo LLC is the place to go!
Sylvia Vandroff/Another Chance 4 Legal LLC. on March 31, 2015

During the first interview the Phyleo Team was able to immediately put me at ease which I think is a very important skill in this line of work. I felt comfortable and was able to honestly communicate my objectives with your company. Prior to this operation they presented a plan for me and had details laid out to reach those objectives. Throughout the operation the Phyleo Team exhibited strong surveillance and investigation experience. They kept in constant communication and kept professional and patient even after a very long evening. And thank God they were able to reach our objective fairly quickly. Their doubtless willingness to travel at short notice also impressed me. The Phyleo Team seemed also to have a deep familiarity with a wide range of aspects of law (e.g., business, personal, criminal) they seemed to possess a strong sense of being aware of and taking into account the feelings, views and behavior of others.
My first impression was a good one and I will most definitely hire your company for any future services. You have talented folks on your team. Thank you again for your services.
Dee S. on March 26, 2015

I requested to find out where the subject was employed. I received more information than I expected, although in the end the subject did not seem to have a job. He used online resources as well as surveillance and I was provided with documentation of both.
Joyce S. on March 22, 2015

I saw Phyleo’s service on the web and sought their service. All I can say is that the guys at Phyleo are very professional and trustworthy. They took their time listening to my problem/case and understood the issues involved. .They gave me straightforward and positive suggestions on what I should do. They fulfilled all my expectation. I will surely recommend Phyelo’s service to all that need investigating services.
Joann Williams

The guys at Phyleo has been very helpful ever since I went to their office. They provided me a great trainer for my pistol handling. I am really happy that these guys are around to help people in need of protection from the negative elements.
Patsy Merkel

I am really thankful for Phyleo’s services. With their great skill on security and investigation methods, they have put a great relief to our family. We will surely recommend their outstanding service to all our friends!
Daryl Lopez

I saw Phyleo’s services in the web and went to them for an advice and for firearms training. I never had regrets choosing their services. The results were amazing and the training I got from their personnel was really an amazing experience for me.
James Tsang

We are really glad that we got Phyleo’s advise and service. They provided us great information that we really needed to know and their investigating skills are really exceptional. I will surely be using their service for a long time.
Mabel Dinkins

These guys are the best in town when it comes to private investigation service. They are very straightforward and very trustworthy in this line of work. Their methods used is very impressive and is highly recommended to all!
Willis Harper

I noticed Phyleo’s services in the web and I went to see them myself. It was really nice knowing that there are people like Phyleo’s, They are very professional in handling my issue and the investigative work that I requested from them was very good .
David Howland

A friend recommended me Phyleo’s service and I had no regrets in getting help from them. They are very professional and gives out the best advise for your concerns. I will surely be using their service for many years to come!
Suzette Burns

We were having some trouble in our neighborhood and I am deeply concerned for my family’s safety. At Phyleo they provided us great ideas and advice to protect my family. I am really thankful for the services Phyleo provided and the additional guidance.
Alberto Smith

Phyleo has very good instructors when it comes to pistol handling training. This is the first time that I handled a pistol and my personal instructor was really great. With that caliber of training, I am now more confident to defend myself and doing so safely.
Gloria Holder

The guys at Phyleo will never waste your time. The first time i met the team assigned to me was like we’d met several times already. They are very good advisers. I really felt secured with the services at Phyleo!
Dorothy Bloom

They are very professional and straightforward when I told them with my situation. They provided me with different options on what I should do first and was very straightforward about dealing with my case.
Casey Love

I am one happy client of Phyleo’s. They offer amazing pistol and gun handling training and it was really great having this kind of people when you are living in a tough neighborhood. Their service is highly recommended.
Donald Jones

They have been very professional and straightforward in dealing with our situation which is also very personal for us. I recommend the men and women of Phyleo who have really done a great job and served me and my family’s requests.
Donna Miller

I saw their services in the web and consulted with them regarding my concern. They have been very helpful with the investigation and provided me direct answers to my problem. It was really a great experience working with these guys.
Beatrice Jones

I never had regrets seeking help at Phyleo. They were very professional and they give good advises about my current situation. Very highly recommended for all those who seek personal investigation and protection.
Ida Lawson

Phyleo has very good instructors when it comes to pistol handling training. Their caliber of training is second to none. I now feel more empowered to defend my self, thanks to the guys at Phyleo.
Jennifer Jenkins

We had some problems with our neighborhood and I was so concerned for my family. At Phyleo they gave me great ideas and advice on how to protect my family. I am really thankful for the services Phyleo provided.
Idalia Mcmullen

The guys at Phyleo are very professional when it comes to seeking help involving investigating personal matters. They provided me with positive solutions and provided me service which helped me feel more secured.
Petra Miranda

Phyleo staff are very professional when it comes to their line of work. My family are really happy after our NRA first step pistol training at Phyleo. Now, we feel more secured thanks to their help and assistance.
Jaime Poisson

We had problems with our neighbors and we are really glad the Phyleo is around to help us. They provided us professional advise on what to do concerning our security and even gave us tips and training on how to handle ourselves in dire situations.
Ronald Gordon

All the guys at Phyleo are very helpful with my situation and provided me the services I needed regarding the investigation. Their skills are top of the line and they are the best in town in this kind of field.
Irene Mullikin

My friend told me about Phyleo and the services that they give to their clients.I was really glad that I got their services. Now I feel protected and the firearms training that I got from the guys at Phyleo was just amazing!
Mary Evans

Phyleo is one of the best when it comes to private investigation. They will never waste your time and are very professional when it comes to their line of work.
Chelsea Rose

I trained at Phyleo for firearms handling and it was superb. My instructor was great at giving the right instructions and training that I needed. I highly recommend Phyleo to those people who want help in defending themselves with firearms.
Gary Sullivan

They’ve been very professional and private throughout in dealing with my situation. I commend the men and women who have worked hard and served me and my requests.
Lucy Grant

After experiencing their service, I would rank them among the top private investigators in the country.
Zara Brabant

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