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Personal Protection Services

When many of us think about Personal Protection Services (PPS), we think of a body guard in a suit with an ear piece standing faithfully near a celebrity or politician.  In many cases, that visage would be accurate; however there are many, many more scenarios where an individual or organization might employ a PPS specialist. 

Many businesses have employed a PPS specialist when conducting layoffs or removing a high-risk individual from the organization.  In these scenarios, the PPS might be in plain view and obvious (overt), or might just pose as a member of the nearby workforce so as to not create additional problems (covert).  PPS is routinely coordinated when an organization brings in high-level dignitaries for speaking engagements, or when a member of the company’s executive team is required to travel (both domestic or internationally).  

Perhaps the primary difference between PPS (sometimes also called Executive Protection) and a bodyguard lies in advance planning and the emplacement of proactive security measures rather than relying simply on reactive ability to secure the principle(s).  

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