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I Think I Need a Private Investigator. Now What?

Hiring a Private Investigator can be confusing.  Many clients we meet with are stressed, nervous, worried and emotionally drained by their situation.  They’ve been dealing with their problem for months and months on their own before deciding to consult with an investigator.  By the time they come to us, they are fed up and are looking for answers right away.  And we completely understand.  There are dangerous people out there, domestic issues are terrible, and being cheated on is heart breaking.  Clients come to us with child custody issues, concerns about a convicted felon who has moved in down the street and abuses of all kinds.  Every situation is specific and no two cases are the same.

For those desiring resolution, the first step after contacting a Private Investigation is to conduct a consultation.  The session usually takes about an hour and PHYLEO conducts the consultation free of charge.  Once an investigator has had an opportunity to hear (and see) all the information pertaining to your case, we provide you with an Investigative Strategy which lays out exactly how your case will be handled at each step.  Once the Investigative Strategy has been discussed and mutually agreed upon, the investigator provides a detailed invoice based on the estimated hours work required for each task of your investigation.

Here are a few money saving tips for your consultation:
1) Clients who have a clear objective or goal will receive more satisfying results.
2) Be specific with the end results you want achieved.
3) Provide the investigator with any many facts and specific information as possible.
4) Be honest with your Private Investigator; we are not going to judge you.
5) Ask questions. If you are confused or don’t understand it is important to speak up.

Clients who provide investigators with clear guidance and requirements are seldom disappointed with how their case is handled.

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