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Bail Enforcement Recovery

A Bail enforcement agent goes by a number of titles that all essentially mean the same thing.  Whether called bail enforcement agent, recovery agent, fugitive recovery agent or most popularly, a bounty hunter, these are all terms that basically mean an individual who locates (and many times detains) a fugitive in exchange for monetary reward. 

Bail enforcement agents are employed by bail bondsmen to secure individuals for whom they have provided a loan in order to pay their bond.  The arrangement is generally a worthwhile investment for the issuing bondsman as they would otherwise forfeit their investment entirely if the fugitive is not delivered in time for their court appearance.

Bail enforcement agents use many methods to seek out and apprehend their subjects to include surveillance, interviews with friends and family members and canvasing.  These aspects of bail recovery often creates confusion with “skip tracing” in which members of law enforcement or private security services undertake a search to locate an individual avoiding adverse legal action.  The primary difference between skip tracing and bail enforcement recovery is that the latter is typically much more direct and results in an apprehension in most cases.


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