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Asset Recovery

An asset recovery investigation is a broad-term applied to most any case where property is unaccounted for or not able to be located.  Occasionally these investigations involve a degree of malicious intent and will be reclassified as a theft case.  More often than not, items are generally misplaced as a result of clerical error or administrative process.  In either scenario, PHYLEO investigators are highly skilled in various aspects of asset recovery, utilizing strategic process to figure out the exact point in time an item went missing, the exact point in the logistics chain things were something could have been lost or to ultimately concluded that a theft has occurred. 

Timing plays a critical factor in successful resolution of an asset recovery case, and lengthy delays almost always guarantee a negative result.  Items which are intentionally stolen are pawned, fenced or sold with blazing quickness as skilled and experienced thieves generally only steal property they are confident can be “unloaded” quickly.  Similarly, merchandise that has become lost as a result of a poor logistics chain can be further compounded with the passing of time.  Due to their frequent use of subcontracted employees, shipping companies often find it difficult to talk specifics about scheduled deliveries that did not show up as scheduled.  Furthermore, items that are not successfully delivered are occasionally routed back to large warehouses with poor inventory procedures until somebody calls looking for something on its shelves.  The cases that usually have the best turnout are those where the problem was identified early and the missing item(s) could be located before being redirected or further misplaced.  

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