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An adultery case is initiated when a spouse or significant other suspects their partner has committed an act of infidelity or is maintaining an inappropriate relationship.  Techniques vary on a case-by-case basis but usually incorporate elements of surveillance, pattern of life analysis, gathering photos/videos, installing covert camera systems, emplacing vehicle tracking devices and e-discovery (when possible).  During cases where adultery is suspected, it is the job of the investigator to serve as a collector of facts and information to discover exactly what the target of our investigation is up to.  Great care is taken to provide clients with objective accounts, devoid of prejudice or opinion, so that they may make their own decisions about how to proceed with their relationship.     

When requesting an adultery case, prospective clients should be prepared to divulge intimate and sensitive details about their relationship so that the investigation team may properly understand the subject.  While conducting the investigation, the client’s stated objectives will be the driving force behind how the investigative team handles every decision point.  These objectives are laid out during the client’s initial consultation and are the backbone of the case’s investigative strategy.  


During the first interview the Phyleo team were able to immediately put me at ease which I think is a very important skill in this line of work. I felt comfortable and was able to honestly communicate my objectives with your company. Prior to their operation the Phyleo Team presented a plan for me and had details laid out to reach those objectives. Throughout the operation the Phyleo Team exhibited strong surveillance and investigation experience. They kept in constant communication and kept professional and patient even after a very long evening. And thank God they were able to reach our objective fairly quickly. Their doubtless willingness to travel at short notice also impressed me. They seemed also to have a deep familiarity with a wide range of aspects of law (e.g., business, personal, criminal) the Phyleo team seemed to possess a strong sense of being aware of and taking into account the feelings, views and behavior of others. My first impression was a good one and I will most definitely hire your company for any future services. You have talented folks on your team. Thank you again for your services. – Dee S. on March 26, 2015

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